Stela Suils Cuesta

Creating a world where technology supports and empowers each person,
as well as the planet that sustains us 

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I am a firm believer that is possible to do business from the heart.

My drive is to create spaces for people to communicate, collaborate and together, build a better tomorrow. I thrive being part of projects that empower their people, hold strong values and walk the talk.

Stela Suils Cuesta

Founding Team Member, Clinical Psychologist and
NLP Practitioner.


This is what I love to do...

Lean In Women in Blockchain

An online Circle for women working in Blockchain, Crypto and Fintech to support each other, grow and learn together.

The objective of this group is to create a Global Sisterhood. We are here to nurture the women community, to empower more women to join and stay in the field.

We share the Lean In values:
Confidentiality, Communication and Commitment. 


Lean In Arabia

Lean In Arabia is one of the biggest Regional Lead Networks for the MENA region.
Our aim is to support new Circle Leaders in the region to run successful Circles.
We help Circle Leaders to develop their skills as a host, facilitator and a lead and support them in their journey of creating values for the members of their circle.

TEDxAlWaslWomen - 2017

TEDxAlWaslWomen took place on November 4 with a full house of 100 invitees at Canadian University Dubai.
The inspirational talks were organized as a Dubai version of the US-based TEDx Talks series, falling under the TEDxWomen umbrella and centered around the theme “Bridges.”

I'm a Co-Founder of INID

 INID - Inclusive ID it's a responsible Digital ID Platform that empowers vulnerable communities and their ecosystems

There are more than a billion people who do not exist in the current economic system. With our technology, we give everyone equal capabilities to become a truly global digital citizen.

We participated on the SGDia Impact Pre-Accelerator in Turkey

We visited Ankara and got the opportunity of interviewing a group of Refugees at a Red Crescent Community Center, and to meet the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We also met with UNDP, UNHCR, WFP, Red Crescent, and other stakeholders supporting Syrian Refugees in Turkey in order to get a full understanding of the scope of the project and better understand how can we help.

Learn more about INID at or visit our channels


Say hola if you...

- Want to share ideas, feedback....
- Want to join any of the initiatives, maybe launch your own Circle, or have a project or initiative and you need help
- You like writing, moderating circles and adding value to the Community, and you want to collaborate with me
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